Intimate Disconnect

The first page is a fitting introduction to the strife, anger and dysfunction that rivets through this suspenseful novel. The numerous, well-drawn characters play their roles believably and realistically. At times, it's difficult to remember who's friends with whom, who's sleeping with whom, who's the enemy, etc., but the various and varied interactions and drama add to the complex plot. The story takes place in and out of bedrooms, bars, boardrooms, cafes, and legal offices in the Northeast. The title, INTIMATE DISCONNECT, is aptly named, since siblings, husbands and wives, ex-husbands and ex-wives, CEO's and employees move dangerously and indiscreetly throughout the novel. Legal, the major theme of the book, ranges from complete lawlessness and utter disregard for the law to well-educated, honest attorneys. A great read from an accomplished New York English professor and college administrator.

From Denveriter/Amazon review

 From All Things That Matter Press.

Intimate Disconnect by Joe Zeppetello presents a poignant re-enactment of the behind-the-scenes legal world. From page one, the reader is thrust into a potential murderous situation that reverts back to possible domestic abuse and stalking. The book also explores the seemingly never-ending concept of equal rights of women in the law field. For this reader, the author has done an exemplary job of demonstrating the perhaps tenuous bonds that hold women together in a professional setting, while showing how the law can be “hypocritical!” If readers are fans of the “Columbo” –esque quality of detective shows of knowing the crime at the beginning, then trying to figure out the plot as it enfolds and meets up with the crime, this is a must read. A well-framed story indeed!   Vicki S.